ICNA Relief and Helping Hands


ICNA Relief is multicultural community building organization which provides disaster relief and social services to the underserved regardless of their religious, social, or economic backgrounds within United States.We promote justice by creating the opportunities for the less fortunate to lead healthy and productive lives

ICNA Relief is a division of ICNA, which offers humanitarian relief and development. We respond to human sufferings in emergency and disaster situations at home. Our mission is to strengthen the bond of humanity by serving all those in need, anywhere in the world, with special focus on our neighborhoods across North America.

In addition to providing humanitarian aid to Muslims abroad, we are actively trying to establish services for the needy in poor neighborhoods in cities throughout North America. We have already started a family counseling service in New York, and are in the process of establishing a soup-kitchen. We believe in a helping hand, not a handout, which creates conditions in which people actively participate in the development process. If you would like to work on establishing any service for the needy in your city, or would like to donate money for this purpose, or can assist in any other way, please contact us.

Domestic Projects

Muslim Family Services Muslim Family Services in Detroit Michigan, is a division of ICNA Relief. ICNA Relief is a social welfare department of ICNA, for implementation of relief and community development projects. Muslim Women's Help Network Muslim Women's Help Network is a sub-division of United Muslim Movement Against Homelessness (UMMAH)/ Helping Hand. Ramadan Food Basket Program ICNA Relief has organized the "Ramadan - Food Basket Program". Through this program, a food basket will be provided to the needy Muslim families. The food basket should provide sustenance to a family of four for a few days. Overview of Projects in the USA UMMAH (United Muslim Movement Against Homelessness). The goal of UMMAH is to raise up a community who are committed to reclaim their rightful place of responsibility in society, while striving to uplift themselves and their communities in which they live.

Overseas Project

With Allah's blessings, and your support, we are providing ongoing assistance to Muslims throughout the world, in association with grass-root level organizations that offer innovative, long lasting solutions for creating healthy and educated communities. We focus on income-generating, self-help programs providing micro-finance in some of the most deprived communities of the world, by providing training skills. We believe in a helping hand, not a handout, which creates conditions in which people actively participate in the development process. Global Zabiha Program You can let Muslims around the world benefit from your Zabiha. Our Global Zabiha Program can help you perform the sacrifice of your choice in a country of your choice. This helps thousands of needy Muslim families in that region and strengthens their faith in the Islamic brotherhood. Aghanistan Education Program Orphan Sponsorship Program Water Supply Program Skills Training Program Bangladesh Healthcare Centers Orphan Support Program Self-Help Program Zabiha Program Bosnia Orphan Sponsorship Program Chechnya Food & Shelter Program Primary Health Care Center Program India Education Program Jammu & Kashmir Refugee Schools Program Women Skills Training Program Kashmir Surgical Hospital Program Primary Health Care Center Program Refugee Support Program Zabiha Program Kenya Orphan Sponsorship Program Orphan and Needy Children's Residential Home Medical Clinic Tehfeez-e-Qur'an Program Evening & Weekend Islamic Education Program Zabiha Program Kosova Orphan Sponsorship Program Refugee & Community Support Program Primary Medical Center (proposed) Computer & English Learning Center (proposed) Pakistan Ghazali Educational Trust Syed Maudoodi International Islamic Institute Women Islamic University Wisdom Educational Society Jamia Arabia Qasim ul Uloom Muslim Model School Ghulab Devi Hospital Health Services Trust Al-Khidmat Free Clinic Al-Khidmat Welfare Hospital Suraya Azeem Hospital Drinking Water Wells Program